We all need to do more to protect ourselves from the many threats that lie in wait for us on the internet.  Some protection comes from technology and some comes from education and common sense. I can give sensible advice and help when things get difficult.
When advising clients on internet  security, we discuss the requirements  and I will then search suitable suppliers  for the products which in my opinion are  most suited to the client's needs and  budget.    There's no charge for this advice but I  do expect people who take my advice to  be willing to call me in the future when  they need repairs or other help with  their computer systems, internet set-ups etc.  I do not keep anything in stock; internet  security software etc are ordered as  and when they are needed which  ensures everything is obtained at the  best possible price for each client.  Following my advice, clients are free to  buy direct if they wish.  I do prefer it if clients contact me  BEFORE making a purchase if they  intend to ask for my help so that I'm not  subsequently required to work with  unsuitable packages.
I can supply, install and configure: Internet Security Packages Anti-Virus Packages Firewalls Personal data proection tool Trojan removal tool Keylogger removal tool Rootkit removal tool Parental controls I use a variety of packages and tools to  deal with internet security threats.  The  choice of which ones to use depends on the client’s circumstances and budget.  We would need to discuss your  particular situation before I could offer  the correct advice.  If you are unfortunate enough to have  an infected PC or laptop or it is running  slowly and misbehaving while trying to  use the internet, you might need  professional help to get it cleaned of all  internet security threats and then have  proper protection installed. I regularly  perform this service for clients and the  cost is sometimes as low as £50 but  never more than £100. 
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