Laptop Repairs No fix – no fee Slow laptops optimised System troubleshooting Hardware repairs Software problems Crash recovery Data recovery If you have any type of computer  problem, I can sort it out for you. I'll make a free assessment of the  computer and/or problem and  discuss the options with you then  if we decide not fix it, there won't  be a charge. I can repair / replace Broken DC power socket External power adapter Broken keyboard Faulty screen Disk drive problems <more>
What to do if you spill something in your laptop Don't waste time and don't try to  “dry it out” yourself – the longer  you wait, the less chance there is  of me being able to repair the  laptop or recover your data. Disconnect power cable Remove the battery pack Wrap it in a thick bath towel Bring it straight to me as soon as possible with a note of what was spilled and the date & time of the spill.  Bring the battery and power supply Bring any manuals, CDs and DVDs that came with the laptop Check your house contents insurance policy to see if accidental damage is covered.
Laptop Data Recovery I can perform data recovery from  accident-damaged laptops e.g.  spills, impacts and failed screens.  This is useful in cases where the  owner has opted to buy a new  laptop rather than repair the  damaged one. Data recovery can be very  economical (perhaps an hour)  and as with all other types of  work, I offer a free assessment so  there's no good reason for not  considering it. Your data will be  recovered onto a data DVD,  memory stick or external hard  drive depending on the amount of data. Or if you have the new  laptop, I can trasfer data direct to  the new computer. <more>
I will always look at the computer / job from a client's own point of view and work within a sensible budget.
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