Starter Sites These are examples of starter  pages where the business is  currently in the process of getting  established on the internet or  where nothing more than the  basics was required. <examples>
Budget Websites Here you will find examples of  websites that are effective,  working well for their owners and  didn’t cost a great deal. Also in this category are older  custom sites that are still  operating effectively but running  costs are now relatively low as  there has been no new  development recently. <examples>
Selected examples of websites in each of the budget ranges.
Bespoke Websites Examples of recent website  designs where we started with a  clean slate and made a unique  design specifically for each client. These sites are continuously  managed and updated jointly by  the client and the designer. <examples> Bespoke Website Applications Examples of recent website  designs where the website has  been programmed to do extra work  to help the client run their business  efficiently. <examples>
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