Prices for Computer Services   I charge a modest amount for my  services so that I can start and  build long-term trusting business  relationships that naturally lead to  further business in the local area.  I have a number of clients that I  have been helping for over 10  years. By far the best course of  action if you need to know prices  up-front is to get in touch with me  and talk it over.  I NEVER charge  more than £35 per hour and  sometimes it can be considerably  less. I offer whole evening appoint-  ments at £60 for any mix of help,  advice, training or PC  configuration.
 All work is priced simply in one of three ways:- 1. Fixed Price Work - an agreed price based on a written specification and quote for a particular project (generally websites and new computer systems). 2.  Standard On-Site Work - an hourly rate of £35 for working time plus parts/supplies at cost plus travelling expenses. * 3.  “Budget” PC Repairs & Upgrades - equipment should be delivered to me for a free assessment after which a verbal quote is given for the work which will be completed at a lower priority and with a fixed price based on a lower hourly rate than standard repairs.
Discounts Services are offered to both home  users and business users with a  price differential for “priority” or  “budget” work.  I carry out budget  repairs in “off-peak” hours.  I ask the client to choose the level  of service they require so business users can ask for an on-site visit, a quick response and a priority  repair at the standard hourly rate  while home users are free to opt  for the budget service or vice  versa. If a client wishes to keep costs to  the minimum, the work might take  a little longer to complete but the  final bill will be discounted below  the standard rate.  If the client  wishes to be treated as a priority,  then the response will be faster  and the work will be completed  sooner with time charged at the  standard rate. 
Prices for Computer Repairs I will always look at the computer  repair or upgrade job from a  client's own point of view and work  accordingly e.g. I appreciate that it  is uneconomic to expend 5 hours  trying to repair an old computer  when a new one can be  purchased for perhaps £200-£400. It is unlikely that any home  computer repair no matter how  serious nor how many hours it  took, would cost more than £150.  We can arrange a free  assessment of the problem – I will  look at the PC and tell you the  options then you are free to either  have it fixed / upgraded or take it  away with no charge.  I do not make additional  surcharges for “call-outs” or  “unsociable hours”.
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For on-site work, travelling  expenses will be due at the AA   or HMRC mileage rate of 45p  which is subject to change in  line with increasing fuel costs. 
I have increased prices for 2015 (first increase since 2007)