Website Design Prices I do not offer fixed price website  design packages as I find that all  clients have different needs and  different priorities.  I am able to make a website to  any budget and my priority is  always to win a client's trust by  helping them to achieve what they  need.  I do this in a friendly and  supportive way so that the client  will be glad to continue using my  services over the longer term.  For website design services, I  NEVER charge more than £35 per  hour and sometimes it can be  considerably less. 
   All work is priced simply in one of two ways:- 1. Fixed Price Work (generally websites and new computer systems) - an agreed price  based on a written specification and quote for a particular project. 2.  Standard On-Site Work - an hourly rate of £30 for working time plus parts/supplies at cost and travelling expenses at the recommended AA rate (currently 40p per mile).
If you feel that website tendering  should be a competitive affair, I  will match any other website  developer's standard package  price or tender.  In those  circumstances I suggest you the  client discuss your requirements  with both website designers and  then choose whichever you feel  is the most easy to get along  with; we're not all the same.    Even if you don't realise it just  now, the relationship you have  with your website designer is  very important; you need to get  along well with each other  because you'll be working on the  project jointly at times.  If the  business grows, you’ll need to  
rely on your website designer  again in the future. Just like hiring the services of any  professional, e.g. lawyer,  accountant, architect, tradesmen  - reputation and first impressions  count for a lot.  Technical skill is important of  course (that can almost be taken  for granted with any professional  designer who is trading  successfully) but sharing a good  working relationship will ensure  the best results overall. So talk to a few designers before  committing yourself to what will  hopefully be a long-lasting  business partnership.
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