Computer Hardware Repairs and Upgrades Common problems that I can solve relatively inexpensively:- The computer will not switch on - this is often not a catastrophe and can be surprisingly cheap to repair A noisy computer can be made to run quietly A PC that has slowed down since it was new can be speeded up again If hard drive storage space has run out, I can fit a new bigger drive without loss of files I can upgrade the CD drive to a DVD recorder, Blu-Ray player etc I can add faster USB ports or blue-tooth support
Obsolete Computers If you are considering buying a  new computer I can help with  recovering useful files from your  current PC as well as secure  erasure of personal data prior to  safe disposal.  Even if the old PC is “dead” it is  often possible for me to recover  important data from it so that you  can load it into a replacement  computer e.g. photos, music  collections, documents and  emails.    I can offer impartial free advice to  help you avoid making a bad  purchase and instead point you  towards a good deal for the  replacement.  See Computer  Hardware Advice. 
I can add ethernet or wifi support to make network or internet connections I can add audio facilities such as cinema surround-sound or audio recording from external sources Windows Problems and Software problems Crashing, freezing or slow running computers brought back to life! Recovering Microsoft Windows and/or user-data  after a PC crash Internet security, anti-virus, firewall, setups and removal of viruses, malware, spyware and adware Internet, broadband, wifi and e-mail setup
Printer Repairs Budget priced inkjet printers are seldom worthy of repair once they are out of warranty.  New printers arrive with a fresh set of  ink cartridges and when you take into account the value of those ink cartridges plus the notional value of the warranty included  with a new printer, it makes little sense to fix them.  All that said I am willing to attempt a repair if the client wishes.  Top quality  inkjet printers and laser printers are possibly more worthy of a repair attempt but even here it is likely to be uneconomical for  models more than a few years old.  Printer Repair Prices Contact me for a free verbal or email assessment.  I make a minimum charge of £35 to physically inspect and assess a faulty  printer with the aim to identify and fix any simple problem within that time.  If a repair proves impossible or uneconomic, there  will be no further charge.  For this service, the faulty printer and any spare consumables (ink or toner) should be brought to me  and left for assessment.  The job will be treated in the same way as a non-urgent budget PC repair. 
I will always look at the computer / job from a client's own point of view and work within a sensible budget.
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