I do not keep anything in stock; computers, parts, software etc are ordered as and when they are needed which ensures everything is obtained at the best possible price for each client. 
If you require any items of computer  hardware or software, get in touch with  me for advice which will be free and  totally impartial.  I make no profit from anything that my  clients purchase based on my  recommendation. I have no affiliation to  nor receive any sales commission from  any manufacturer or supplier hence the  advice I give is without bias.  Compare this to the situation in a large  PC / electrical warehouse where  salesmen are only able to recommend  the brands and products they keep in  stock and whose salesmen will tend to  steer customers towards making  purchases that help them achieve their  various targets.  When advising clients, we discuss the  requirements and I will then search  suitable suppliers for the products which in my opinion are most suited to the  client's needs and budget.  There's no charge for this advice but I  do expect people who take my advice to  
Computer hardware Advice is available for the following  computer hardware and I can supply to  order:
be willing to call me in the future when  they need repairs or other help with their  computer systems, internet set-ups etc. I do not keep anything in stock;  computers, parts, software etc are  ordered as and when they are needed  which ensures everything is obtained at  the best possible price for each client. I only charge fees to clients for the  working time I spend providing their IT  services and where this involves the  supply of goods they will be at cost  price. I operate this way to ensure the  maximum transparency, simplicity and  fairness when discussing pricing.  Following my advice, clients are free to  buy direct if they wish.  I do prefer it if clients contact me  BEFORE making a purchase if they  intend to ask for my help so that I'm not  subsequently required to work with  unsuitable components.
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