Search Engine Optimisation Commissioning a website and  seeing it go live on-line is only the  start of a successful internet  campaign.  Any website needs careful  promotion, and placement on the  major search engines is an  increasingly difficult but important  factor in website performance and  success.  I work with my clients to optimise  this aspect of website  presentation and promotion,  within the client's available time  and budget.
Most people perceive search  engines as being a vital factor in  web business promotion but  perhaps don't understand how put  them to effective use.  The sheer volume of websites  currently flooding the internet  marketplace has meant that good  search engine placement is  increasingly harder to achieve.  There are many professional  opinions about Search Engine  Optimisation (SEO) and quite a lot  of popular myths.  Sadly there are  also some scams around that  attempt to exploit businesses who  are not adequately informed.  It is vital therefore to get some  trustworthy advice about Search  Engine Optimisation before  investing in any SEO service that  
claims to “increase traffic”  or “boost ranking”.  Website owners should be  especially wary of unsolicited  offers in this area.  The people best placed to do SEO are the people who are already  looking after your website  because good SEO is integral to  the website itself and cannot be  added externally as a “bolt on  extra” to an existing site,  especially if the site is already  past its sell-by date in which case  a new website with built-in SEO is  the best option. There is no quick fix substitute for  the fundamental essentials built in  to a good website design that has  been created by an experienced  developer.
You may not really understand what it is but now you know a man that does!
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