Website design to suit your needs AND your pocket.  High-class websites and e-commerce solutions at the best possible price with friendly personal support. Websites at any level. The services I offer are flexible enough to allow me to be “all things to all people”.
Starter Websites If your business is a new start-up  do please get in touch with me to  discuss your needs, you'll find I'm  friendly and helpful, the advice I  give is free and impartial, I'll not  pressure you in any way and there  is definitely no salesman-like  patter!  For business start-ups I am able to  offer an easy to afford website  development path: there's no cost  to get started and your website can  grow as your business develops,  this way you can always see the  results before deciding whether to  invest more.  Simply phone or  email to start the ball rolling, it  won't cost a penny. With prices from just £1 per week,  your starter web page could include your choice of website address; a  full-screen full colour web page  containing your essential business  information giving you 24/7/365  worldwide advertising; a mailbox  with your chosen name.     This is just a simple example of  one of the start-up options, but  
web page using the same website  address that has already become  established in search indexes.  <example websites> Budget Websites With prices from just £5 per week,  your website would include your  choice of website address; several  full-screen full colour web pages  containing your essential business  information, your text and your  pictures promoting your business  or organisation worldwide  24/7/365; together with one or  more mailboxes with your chosen  name(s).   <more> 
each client can choose their own  starting level with the individually  tailored designs Aquila Computer  Services can create. I feel that the most important thing  I can offer to new businesses is  free advice about websites and  working with the internet.   After  discussing the client's needs, I  offer a free service to set up an  immediate presence for the client  on the internet. This would typically include  dedicated website and email  addresses and a web page  showing the business name,  contact details etc.  This first step  allows the business name to  become established straight away  with search engines and allows  website and email addresses to be  included in advertising, vehicle  lettering and on businesses cards  etc.  Once the business starts to trade,  the starter web page can be  operated for as long as desired  from just £1 per week. Later on a  more elaborate website can be  designed to replace the starter  
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