Website Hosting I offer a range of web hosting  services to suit particular budgets  and technical requirements.  Websites can be based on a  variety of platforms, the most  advanced of which are custom  coded using PHP/MySQL.  Websites are hosted on cost  effective, reliable and secure  servers.  I can easily arrange  domain name transfers if you have  previously had a website  elsewhere, and I offer an excellent  pricing structure for all domain  registration and hosting facilities.
Ongoing Website Management   When the website goes live, I can  continue to work with clients who  wish to optimise site performance  and continually refresh the site  style and content for the life of the  website.  It may not be obvious but a  website needs to evolve to keep  pace with the changes in market  conditions and business trends. As  time goes on it is important to  monitor the performance of a  website and to work towards  improving its success. Close  cooperation between site  developer and site owner is crucial  to the evolution of a successful  website.  Although the site owner  may have access to the CMS  allowing them to change site  content personally, there is  sometimes the need for extra help  and I am always available,  advising and working to help  implement new ideas.  
I’ll look after the technicalities allowing you to concentrate on running the business.
Domain Name Registration  Registering a good and effective  domain name is the first step  towards a successful website.  I  can help you select an  appropriate domain name and will  then register this name on your  behalf. 
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